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Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Review

It's a Zombie World After All


A week ago, I wrote that I expected The Walking Dead to only get more intense.  It’s a little like boasting about predicting the sunrise, but this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was perhaps the most intense episode of the whole series.  The Walking Dead is at the height of its engaging story and this week’s episode, “Home,” brought the well-known edge-of-your-seat drama of the show to another level.

It started off with Rick falling deeper into his psychosis.  He is now full-fledged seeing and conversing with his dead wife in the woods outside the prison gates.  With Rick roaming what Glen called “crazy town” and Daryl now out, the aforementioned timid Glen is the man in charge.  It was interesting to see Glen in that position, even if it was painfully obvious that he cannot fill Rick boots (as Hershel correctly put it).

What I particularly enjoyed was finally seeing some interaction between the Dixon brothers.  Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus are both amazing actors and play off of each other very well.  They even look like they could be brothers.  The scene in which they saved the Mexican family from becoming a zombie lunch buffet was thirst quenching for even the most bloodthirsty.  It was Walking Dead dishing out the quality that so many appreciate:  gore, blood, brains and just a little bit more gore. 

There are some big differences between the Dixon brothers that really were exhibited in their scenes together; Merle is cold and apathetic just like he was at the beginning of the show, unlike his tough-but-logical-and-caring brother, Daryl.  I’m looking forward to future scenes between these two and I’m sure many Walking Dead lovers would agree.

The viewers also got a glimpse into both of Merle and Daryl’s past when it was revealed that they had an abusive father.  During that scene when Merle discovers the lashes on Daryl’s back, we see a rare moment of Merle softening and compromising to go back to the prison.  It was truly a powerful scene and a moment of huge character growth for Merle.  There was an additional significant reveal about the Dixon brothers this week:  Merle and Daryl were going to originally rob the camp in episode one.  What a way to demonstrate the duality of people. Daryl was probably a little more like his brother as opposed to the Daryl that viewers have become accustomed to seeing.

Even with all the zombie slaying, the real fight was between the people.  The Governor put up a front to Andrea and let her think she was running Woodbury so he could go engage in a firefight with her former group.  The firefight scene was flat-out intense from the first bullet fired (oh prisoner guy with handlebar mustache, we hardly knew ye) to the last.  Did anybody else notice that The Governor didn’t even flinch when those bullets were whizzing by him.  I know I said this in the last review, but The Governor has grown into such a great villain; it will be a shame if he is knocked off at the end of the season. 

Perhaps Rick’s roaming the woods looking for ghosts did indeed mean something.  Maybe it was a warning of the danger that would come in the very near future, or a foreshadowing device employed by the writers. Either way, it was a fantastic ending to a great episode.  When the Dixon brothers came back to save the group (they are just a couple of saints this week), I was relieved, because Merle is a huge jerkoff and watching him in a huge group setting is absolute gold.

With the gang all reunited and reeling from a recent attack from The Governor, it will be interesting to see where the next episode will take us. I will most definitely be tuning in, same zombie time, same zombie channel.

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