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South Park Season 18 premier review

Go Fund Yourself


After ending the seventeenth season with a “Game of Thrones” trilogy of parody episodes and yet another memorable Kanye West torching, the season premier of Comedy Central’s top program had an intimidating previous act to keep viewers laughing and impressed.  Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker certainly didn’t let their audience down as “South Park” kicked off their season with yet another lesson in skewering social commentary.  While many reviews find the eighteenth season premier a bit too packed with references, who in their right mind is going to accuse “South Park” of running with a premise?  

An added voice cast member briefly joins the series in the form of sound bites from National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell as a robot version of himself.  It’s a lot to follow, but it’s worth it if one keeps up with the jokes.  The NFL, particularly the Washington Redskins franchise, ends up the primary topic of “South Park’sjokes this week. The Ray Rice scandal pops in as well with jokes tied to the Catholic Church.  Parker seizes every possible opportunity to put a spin or pun or generally joke on the Redskins franchise’s handling of their franchise name.  Dan Snyder wouldn’t be pleased to see this on his greatest day.


The other large topic this week is Kick Starter and internet start-ups.  Several clever jabs at the web company are taken, but the humor increases exponentially when none other than diabolical fourth grader and South Park resident Eric Cartman figures out a way to exploit both Kick Starter and the Washington Redskins simultaneously.  Cartman begins by taking advantage of the recent court ruling on the franchise’s trademark and applies himself just as much as he has to in order to turn a profit. 

Cartman gets his obvious jollies, but not as much as Parker and Stone, living vicariously through their obese, devious nine-year-old animation as the Washington Redskins logo gets slapped every which way including all over Butters’ adorable sweater. The boys find some humiliating ways to offend fans of the football team by “tweaking” the franchise’s logo in the most immaturely (yet hilariously and unmistakably true-to-character) way possible.


The episode stays true to its crude roots.  Cartman uses his favorite “f” word more than a couple times especially when representing his internet start-up, the Washington Redskins.  However, the biggest drawback was the show’s crude and cryptic opening sequence.   Cartman rises in the morning with what seems to be a Tourette’s recurrence, but then all the potty-mouthed fourth grade boys of South Park, Colorado, chime in with particularly nasty phrases.  

Despite the confusing sequence at the beginning, “Go Fund Yourself” quickly turns up the humor as Butters joins the core four (Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny) for a particularly spot-on perspective of the recent NFL news and start-up company exploitations.  Even fan-favorite Randy Marsh pops in for a measure of elderly ignorance as he wouldn’t stand a chance with a featured role in this episode that features a website beyond the comprehension of a dingbat.

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