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Predictions for Breaking Bad's Final Episodes

How's It Going to End?


The long and strange journey of a once respectable teacher turned kingpin drug dealer that has exemplified extraordinary and utterly groundbreaking television will see an inevitable bookend this summer (Aug. 11).  Ever since the mid-season finale last summer, fans and critics alike have speculated on how the twisted tale known as breaking bad will end.  Seeing as how everyone and their cousin are in on the prediction festivities, I thought it would be only appropriate that we at Immersion Online join the party and attempt to predict how the man with the ultimate mid-life crisis will go out.

Breaking Bad is heading for a climactic ending with all the consequences finally finding Heisenberg and everyone he cares about.  A path of destruction has already been left in the wake of Heisenberg and now it has caught up to him. He has beat insurmountable odds countless times, yet you can’t help but see the omens that Vince Gilligan and company have laid down — the curtain call is coming.  I’m sure we would all love to root for the great Heisenberg for another five seasons, but every great story needs a befitting ending.

 1.  Walter’s wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn), is going to die.

This crossed my mind when I saw the look-into-the-future scene in the opening of season five.   After Walt is handed a plate of bacon and eggs by a Denny’s waitiress, he arranges the bacon on his plate to spell out his age.  This had become a tradition in the White household, and the look of sadness on Walt’s face leads me to believe that something is going to happen to Skyler in the course of the next eight episodes.  My money is on death by ricin.  There has been a heavy emphasis on the ricin ever since Walt used it to essentially claim the New Mexico crown by duping his former partner and protégé, Jesse, into thinking it was used to poison his girlfriend’s son, Brock.  This swayed Jessie to his side and enabled Walt to kill the infamous Gus Fring.  The significance of the scenes where Walt screws the ricin back into the wall leave a foreshadow check just waiting to be cashed. I am not sure how it will happen — perhaps accidentally or maybe deliberately, but like many faithful breaking bad fans have been hoping for — I’m thinking Skyler will die. 

2.  Todd (Jesse Plemons) steals Walt’s recipe and becomes an adversary.

This one is coming a mile away.  Heisenberg is only giving Todd the perfect meth recipe to fill a void in his life that Jesse has left by leaving the drug business. Todd follows all of Walt’s orders and seems like the perfect go-to guy to replace Jessie.  He’s a fast learner, he’s seemingly loyal, he has powerful familial connections (the ten-person prison massacre saved Walt from undoubtedly going to prison in the first half of season five), but there is something shady about his arrangement with Walt.  He has no interest in being paid what so ever.  This is more than apparent in a scene where Walt offers him money after a cook.  Todd turns it down while thumbing through his lab notes muttering something about wanting to learn the process first before taking any payment.  If Walt truly is out, which is a matter of debate, I could see a scenario playing out in which Todd and Uncle Nazi steal the recipe. In order to keep the recipe Nazi exclusive, they would attempt to secure it by trying to take out Heisenberg.  It’s possible that they could even try to come at Walt through his family or even his surrogate family in Jessie.  This could be the Walt we see in the future scene at Denny’s: a man without his wife, his son, his daughter and his surrogate son, Jessie, whom at this point has seen sides of him that not even his actual family have seen. 


3.  New enemies in Arizona.

I believe that the Nazis will not be the only ones that will give Walter problems.  In the mid-season finale, there was a real lack of answers in the months after he supposedly quit.  How did Declan handle his operation just suddenly stopping? What about crazy, unstable Lydia?  The drug enterprise that Walt has created doesn’t seem like something a person can simply walk away from.  Walt is in business with a lot of dangerous people, and as much as his reputation of brutality precedes him at this point — it won’t stop the Arizona drug dealers from trying to squeeze every last crystal of the blue out of him.    They won’t care if his cancer has returned or not, which leads me to my next prediction.

4.  The cancer has returned.

Like many others, I believe Vince Gilligan was showing rather than telling in the MRI scene in the mid-season finale.  Walt’s staredown with the towel dispenser he went berserk on was a throwback to the second season.  He was so beside himself when he found out that he wasn’t going to die like he had expected, and he knew he would have to live with himself and the horrid acts he had committed. In contrast to season 5, Walt seems detached from reality when staring at the dispenser he destroyed — heavy symbolism if you ask me.  I could be wrong — maybe the cough in the scene at Denny’s was a red herring — but cancer returning in the midst of him sitting on the throne would make for powerful irony that breaking bad has made its name on.

 5.  Hank (Dean Norris) and Marie (Betsy Brandt) somehow end up raising Holly.

In an interview with NPR’s Fresh Air, Dean Norris hinted at a chilling twist involving Walter and Skyler’s daughter.  That could mean a lot of different things.  However, I have a feeling that after all the chaos of the coming episodes subside, Hank and Marie will end up raising her as their own.  That's right,  I don't think Walter or Skyler will make it out alive.  Breaking Bad has been built up to be a tragic story with a tragic ending that will have a valid point to make.  

It makes sense that Hank and Marie would take in Holly — assuming that I'm right and Walter and Skyler meet their demise.  They have grown attached to the infant after taking both of the White kids in for a few months. Hank and Marie both proved that they would be excellent caretakers for them and it's Holly's best shot at having a normal life after everything falls apart.  Skyler wanted them there because she thought it was safe from Walter and the storm he has created.  It's almost impossible to see Hank's career not being over after Walt is found to be the infamous Heisenberg.  My guess is Hank will lose his career and gain a daughter.

Breaking Bad has changed the way television shows will be written in the future.  From the first episode until the present, the show has been an amazing ride that has broken multitudes of rules and made new ones all at once.  No matter how many people speculate and attempt to predict, it continues to shock and surprise its audience.  When it's all said and done, Breaking Bad will go down in history as one of the best and rightfully so. The only prediction I can truly make for a show like this is that the ending will be spellbinding.



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