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Game of Thrones sixth season premiere review & recap

The Red Woman


Review/ recaps of “Game of Thrones” are going to be a lot shorter and sweeter during the sixth season on Immersion. In the past, I had gone well-in-depth, but this year we’re trying out a different format. Sound off in the comments if you feel passionately one way or another. 

Spoilers below!


DORNE/ SUNSPEAR: In the Martell family castle, Ellaria Sand and the three sand snakes betray and kill their own family: Prince Doran, Areo Hotah, and Trystane Martell. This coup hasn’t happened yet in “A Song of Ice and Fire,and many wonder if it even will. Director Jeremy Podeswa directed the much-loathed “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” episode last season and perhaps D & D are trying to correct the course and remove Dorne from the equation with a coup/ civil war. Was this sequence Podeswa’s chance to rise above the episode from last season? Much speculation can go on about the future of Dorne in the show, but many agree it appears not to involve the Iron Throne or White Walkers—especially because two Martell children have been omitted from the show.


BRAAVOS: Arya, now blind following her final scene last season, spends her days begging for change to survive. The waif from the House of Black and White shows up with two bo staffs and completely wipes up the pavement with the youngest Stark girl. The waif leaves and hints at another future encounter, leaving Arya with one of the staffs. Readers know this is Arya’s first steps as the Cat of the Canals, though one wonders why TV-Arya was never under the impression her blindness was all an exercise in higher learning anyway. Not a lot happened, but much was teased.

KING’S LANDING/ RED KEEP: Jaime arrives with Myrcella’s corpse and Cersei obviously feels overcome with grief at the death of their daughter. Fans noticed Ser Robert Strong still sticks close to Cersei in her strolls. The Lannister twins shared a moment of doubt, followed by a moment of resolve. Although we already knew Myrcella died last year, this scene established Jaime (and hopefully Bronn’s?) return to King’s Landing after spending the fifth season primarily in Dornish company. Although Myrcella hasn’t yet died in Martin’s saga, the prophesy Cersei heard as a child certainly seems to be on the fast track at HBO.  King Tommen better watch his back when he’s petting Ser Pounce. / BAELOR: The High Sparrow paid Queen Margaery a visit where he appeared to be more forgiving and understanding than he had for Cersei, however, he left Margaery in the cell at scene’s end.

King's Landing

MEEREEN: Tyrion and Varys walk the streets and talk politics. They come across a gathering of people discussing dissatisfaction with Daenerys’ rule. The Sons of the Harpy pose a problem Tyrion hadn’t come across in his days as Hand of the King in the second season. A mob of fleeing people causes the pair to see a burning fleet of ships in the midst of construction. Ruling Meereen may be more difficult than running King’s Landing.


DESERT/ ESSOS: A couple of Dothraki riders speak pejoratively in Daenerys’ direction. Much like the third season with Kraznys, the Khaleesi maintains silence until speaking can do its most damage. She reveals that she is the widow of Khal Drogo right before another Khal seeks to rape her. He backs off when recognizing the sin of sleeping with a Khal’s widow, as his wives inform Daenerys of her fate in the Dosh Khaleen—the widows of fallen khals who live and dispense wisdom from Vaes Dothrak, last shown in the first season when her brother Viserys met his grim fate. / WILDERNESS: This established very little beyond confirming that Jorah and Daario on the right track for finding Daenerys and that Jorah’s still secretly dying of greyscale. This team-up never happened in the books, but I enjoy the cowboy-vibe these two produce for the show.

NORTH/ WINTERFELL: Ramsay Bolton says a few words over Myranda’s corpse before instructing a maester to feed her to the dogs in the very kennels she used to keep when she lived. Roose walks and talks with his son through the castle, congratulating Ramsay on his victory and confirming the death of Stannis Baratheon. However, Roose notes that if his wife produces a male heir, the need for Ramsay to find Sansa will be a moot point. / WILDERNESS: Reek and Sansa cross paths with Brienne and Podrick when the former knight of Renly Baratheon saves the day from certain peril. Brienne pledges her sword to Sansa and suddenly, things started to look up again for a Stark character.

The North

CASTLE BLACK:  Ghost howls and causes Davos to find Jon Snow’s dead, bloody body outside where the mutineers left him. Davos and the few loyal brothers (with Ghost) hole up in Jon’s quarters where Thorne’s men wait outside with arrows and crossbows aimed at the door. This is all despite the fact that Thorne told them they could pass safely if they simply left the room. Early on, Melisandre comes to see Jon for herself and claims to see him at Winterfell in the flames, despite Davos stating simply that, “…He’s gone.”  The episode, titled “The Red Woman,” ended with Melisandre for a second appearance. Apparently she earned the title’s namesake due to the big reveal at the end where she disrobed to complete nudity, admiring her naked form before taking off her necklace with a red gem/ jewel. The mirror then reveals a haggard, ancient crone with gray skin, showing Melisandre’s true age—that of a witch hundreds of years old.

The Red Woman

Like many season premieres for “Game of Thrones,“The Red Woman” functioned on getting the audience up to speed and establishing seasonal arcs with a little bit of shock. Enjoy these ten episodes, as they’re probably the last set of ten episodes of “Game of Thrones,with the producers publicly teasing six- or seven- episodes in the final two seasons.

Too long, didn’t read:  Most of the nice people in Dorne are dead and Melisandre is incredibly aged. 


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