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Game of Thrones sixth season finale recap/ review

The Winds of Winter


Throughout the coverage of “Game of Thrones’” sixth season, Immersion recap/ reviews break the series down by region for simplicity to the reader and to keep it brief. SPOILERS below:

BEYOND THE WALL: Benjen Coldhands drops Bran and Meera off near the Wall, as the dead cannot pass. He departs, and Bran continues the vision he had interrupted earlier this season. Rejoining the Weirwood tree network, Bran sees a Young Ned again at the Tower of Joy in Dorne. At the top of the tower, Ned meets his sister Lyanna. Dying, Lyanna hands her baby over to her brother and begs him to keep a promise for her. She is Jon Snow’s true mother, meaning Jon is not a bastard son of Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, but his nephew rather.

WINTERFELL: With the Battle for Winterfell behind them and in front of Jon Snow, Davos accuses Melisandre for murdering/ sacrificing Shireen. Jon allows her to ride south, and threatens to execute the Red Woman for her crime if she appears in the North again. After meeting with Jon, Sansa meets Littlefinger in the Godswood. There, Lord Baelish reveals his endgame to take the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side, as his queen. She doesn’t react well to this suggestion and leaves. The Northern Lords (and wildlings), led by Lyanna Mormont, later declare Jon to be King in the North and prepare to join him in his fight against the army of the dead.

OLDTOWN: The two Sams and Gilly, with the Tarly ancestral sword, arrive at the Citadel just as the white ravens of winter fly out of the tower. Sam doesn’t get far in his training, but the maesters make the library available to him, a library so big only CGI could bring it to life.


THE TWINS: In Jaime’s first scene of the week, he has to stomach a meal with Walder Frey. Walder compares Jaime to himself, but the Kingslayer can’t stand the conversation and makes Lord Frey aware of how expendable he is if the Lannisters must keep coming back to take Riverrun for him. Walder Frey eats again in a later scene, asking for his sons. The servant informs him that she killed his sons and baked them into the meat pie that Lord Walder enjoys. As he spits up the Frey pie, the servant reveals herself to be Arya Stark, now back in Westeros to begin her path of revenge and killing. She slits his throat and holds him until death. 

KING’S LANDING : The King’s Landing scenes jumped from the Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep. At the Red Keep, King Tommen tries to leave for the Sept to attend the trials of Cersei and Ser Loras. The Mountain doesn’t let the King leave his chambers, however. At the trial, Loras confesses all of his crimes, surrenders all titles and lands, and hopes to join the Faith Militant as they proceed to carve a seven-pointed star in his forehead. Meanwhile, several of Qyburn’s “little birds” lead Grand Maester Pycelle to a murder trap in Qyburn’s laboratory as several more “little birds” lead Brother Lancel to a murder trap underneath the Sept. As Brother Lancel dies, he notices candles burning before open casks of wildfire. Inside the Sept, Queen Margaery realizes that Cersei is noticeably absent for her trial despite knowing that Cersei fully understands the consequences for not attending. Margaery tries to make the High Sparrow understand that something is clearly amiss if the Queen Mother isn’t present. However, it’s too late before they collectively draw that conclusion and the casks of wildfire beneath the Sept explode in spectacular fashion, killing everybody inside including: Queen Margaery, High Sparrow, Kevan Lannister, Mace Tyrell, and Loras Tyrell. 

Cersei has Septa Unella tied down and imprisoned where the Queen Mother will be able to torture her torturer whenever she pleases. My, how much difference ten episodes can make for a character. When the Mountain leaves the room, Tommen sees the destruction of his mother’s plot, because it is most certainly Cersei’s move, and takes a step out of the window to commit suicide. Jaime’s second scene then happens when arrives with Bronn from the Riverlands to see the Sept still burning. He then sees Cersei’s coronation as Queen again, with Qyburn as her Hand of the King. Diabolical.


DORNE: Taking a break since the first episode, Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes (not a cover band) take a meeting with Olenna Tyrell, seeking vengeance on Cersei’s appalling move that killed two of her grandchildren and her son. Ellaria suggests she can give Olenna revenge against the Lannisters if they will join the same cause, leading Varys to enter the frame and speak the words of House Targaryen, “Fire and blood.”

MEEREEN: Daenerys informs Daario that she will have to marry for political gain in Westeros, and that bringing a lover along will simply not work out for them. He will stay behind to make sure that slavery stays abolished. She later names Tyrion her Hand of the Queen in a nice, quiet scene. The episode ends with Daenerys at full strength, sailing toward Westeros with a fleet of ships full of supporters from all over Planetos, particularly the Greyjoys and the new alliances Varys managed to get.

Hand of the Queen

The longest episode of “Game of Thrones” also covered SO. MUCH. GROUND! Many character arcs saw the next level, or where their next seasonal arc will head. The Winterfell and Meereen sequences settled last week’s aftermath while Cersei got her opportunity to show why she’s the most diabolical villain on HBO’s tent pole. Perhaps the only characters to not get closure in the episode were Brienne and Podrick, last seen boating away in the Riverlands, presumably headed for Sansa.  I would have preferred the Pycelle/ Kevan Lannister death scene from the very end of A Dance with Dragons, but this was a worthy alternate. The Hound still lives for season seven, as well.

We’ll see you next year, with fewer episodes (the rumor is six or seven episodes) and more dense material!  Thanks for keeping up with “Game of Thrones” on Immersion Online in 2016! Until then, we’ll keep on hoping that GRRM will release his next book, aptly titled The Winds of Winter.



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