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Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale Review and Recap



As this is a recap, there are SPOILERS.

After the death of Robb Stark and hope for the North last week, director David Nutter continues the Bolton takeover by opening on Roose overseeing his army finish off Robb’s army and present bannermen at the castle housing the red wedding.  As Arya and the Hound navigate the fiery chaos, Robb’s headless body attached to his dire wolf Grey Wind’s head is displayed on horseback up the Twins for all to observe.

Sansa and Tyrion walk together in King’s Landing when Podrick summons the newlywed imp to a meeting.  King Joffrey cheers the news of Robb Stark’s death which to leads to genuine, gleeful brainstorming as to how best humiliate the Starks. Tyrion warns that the North will remember. Joffrey taunts his uncle into reminding him that kings all over the realm are dying.  Joffrey calls Tyrion a monster and threatens to take his nose. The young Baratheon king constantly discusses his talk of being the king. Tywin reminds his grandson that a man who must proclaim himself to be the king, isn’t really a king. Joffrey then taunts his uncle into sending everybody sans Tyrion to bed for the night. 

Tywin catches his youngest son up to speed on the plans in the North now that Sansa is the supposed top living Stark heir. House Bolton will hold the North until Tyrion and Sansa’s child come of age. Tyrion and Tywin debate the ethics of Tywin’s red wedding concoction which leads to the question of Tyrion’s duties as a Lannister.  Tywin wants a child from Sansa and Tyrion, but Tyrion declares that he will not rape his wife. Tywin reminds his son to put the family first which leads to Tyrion asking Tywin if he ever did anything where he didn’t put his own interests first.  Tywin’s surprising answer is the birth of Tyrion and that the only reason he spared his disfigured son was solely because the child was still a Lannister.  Tyrion later enters Sansa’s chambers where he sees her crying. This was a great method to convey that Sansa had heard the news of her brother and mother without saying a word. Simplification worked to perfection.

Bran’s outfit takes shelter for an evening where he informs his companions about awful deeds that had taken place in that spot. He then tells the story of a king turned into a pale rat who was cursed to eat his own young because he killed a guest beneath his own roof.  CUT TO: Walder Frey.  Roose Bolton updates Walder that: a) Blackfish got away, b) he will move to Winterfall after it’s repaired, c) his bastard son Ramsay destroyed Winterfell after Theon’s crew mutinied.  CUT TO: Roose Bolton’s bastard son Ramsay eating a rather Freudian sausage in the dungeon before a clearly empty Theon Greyjoy.

Ramsay taunts his prisoner about the removal of his member until Theon begs for death. Of course Theon is worthless as a corpse, so that can’t be done; however, Ramsay does remind Theon that Theon is no longer a lord because he no longer has male genitalia. Ramsay has a remedy: he beats Theon into submission to take the name “Reek” and drop “Theon Greyjoy.”  Ramsay is considerably a more deviant, psychotic character that hasn’t found much comparison in pop culture except to somewhat-Hannibal Lecter.

Bran awakens with terror as Sam and Gilly and child fall upon their camp.  Sam recognizes Bran and Hodor from Jon’s stories during their days in the Night’s Watch together.  Queue classic Hodor line.  Sam leads Bran’s crew to the wall in search of destroying the entire White Walker existence with the dagger Sam gives Bran.

At the Iron Islands, Balon Greyjoy and daughter receive Theon’s “favorite toy” in a box in a package from Ramsay.  The Ironborn King informs Yara that Theon serves no purpose and has no value since he can no longer continue the Greyjoy line.  Yara tells Balon that she is taking their top 50 warriors to rescue Theon.

We then jump to the Onion Knight visiting Gendry in prison (although the camera would subtly show otherwise) as Davos describes their similar upbringing and shares his empathy with the kid as well as the tragedy of his son.

Varys and Shae share what, at first, seems like a heart-to-heart with him speaking on behalf of Tyrion. Varys then bribes her with a sack-o-diamonds—which is thrown back at him. Varys’ beliefs of her being a dangerous distraction to the potential wise leadership of Tyrion Lannister over Westeros may have been difficult to hear, but were they not true? Nutter then shows Tyrion himself drinking with Podrick, who is ordered out of the room by Cersei. Cersei taunts Tyrion about married life which leads to the two siblings discussing children, suicide and happiness. For the most seemingly powerful family in Westeros, happy they are not.

Arya sneaks off from the Hound’s watch to kill a man for claiming he severed Robb’s head from his body to place on the horse. She fakes her way close enough to stab the man severely enough where he becomes her first kill.  The Hound swoops in with his enormous broadsword to save the day.

Ygritte falls upon Jon drinking from a pond with his horse. He tells her he didn’t have a choice, that he loves her, that she loves him and that he has to go home. She reminds him, of course, that he knows “nothing” and shoots at him as he rides off back home.  Nutter cuts to Castle Black where Sam, Gilly and the newly-named-baby Sam meet up with Maester Aemon Targaryen. Sam tells Aemon how he saw “the night gathering” and that “it’s coming for all of us.” Aemon promptly accepts Gilly and baby Sam as guests and assigns Sam to send the ravens to warn all of Westeros.

We then jump back to Davos, but this time he is reading mail with Stannis’ daughter. They come across the message from the Night’s Guard about the white walker resurgence.  When Davos rushes to inform Stannis, Melisandre credits her faith in the Lord of Light for the death of Robb Stark.  Davos then reminds his king that uniting the kingdoms under influence of magic and sorcery is evil.  Stannis replies, citing the Targaryen dragons as a counterpoint and dismissing all pleads for Gendry’s life because Melisandre reminds him that a great reward requires a great sacrifice. Of course, we then see Davos rescue Gendry and send him off to sea with sound advice before Stannis and his cronies can get to him.

Jon then arrives, barely breathing, at Castle Black. He is greeted by familiar faces like Sam and Aemon.

The Lannister twin lovers are reunited but upon entering King’s Landing, Jaime is mistaken as just another face in the crowd.

Davos owns up to freeing Gendry and is subsequently sentenced to death by Stannis, who won the Walder Frey Worst Friend of the Week Award. Stannis then has a change of heart upon learning of the Night’s Watch’s warning of white walkers. He will need Davos, so says the Lord of Light.

The Ghiscari people of Yunkai open the city doors and proclaim Daenerys to be “mhysa,” or “mother.”  The Khaleesi then crowd surfs as her dragons take to the sky, breathing fire straight into the camera.

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