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Game of Thrones 609 recap/ review

Battle of the Bastards


Throughout the coverage of “Game of Thrones’” sixth season, Immersion recap/ reviews break the series down by region for simplicity to the reader and to keep it brief. SPOILERS below:

MEEREEN: After the cliffhanger last week in “No One,” Daenerys speaks with Tyrion after assuming her old pyramid. Later on, she brings Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei to make terms with the masters. In essence, they will surrender and stop slaving while she will allow them to continue living and keep their wealth. When the slave masters refuse her terms, Daenerys releases Drogon on their forces as her other two dragons break out and join Drogon, who flies and breathes fire on everything in its path. Daario leads the Dothraki charge to the city gates, and before the masters know what hit them, Slaver’s Bay and their ships belongs to Daenerys Stormborn. One more scene features Daenerys and Tyrion having an audience with Yara and Theon Greyjoy. If the Khaleesi will return the Iron Islands to its people, the Greyjoy fleet will help her sail to Westeros. The only caveat is that those Iron Islanders must desist their reaving and raping forever.  Although Victarion is headed for Daenerys and Slaver’s Bay in “A Song of Ice and Fire,we can all agree either Yara/ Theon or Victarion is a better alliance than the evil that is Euron Greyjoy.

Targaryen-Greyjoy alliance

WINTERFELL: The day before the battle for Winterfell, Jon and Ramsay meet in the middle of the battlefield. Ramsay wants Sansa right away and will pardon Jon abandoning the Watch if he hands her over. Instead, Jon challenges Ramsay to one-on-one combat to end the fight to which the Bolton refuses. At night, Sansa warns Jon that they don’t have the numbers and that Ramsay will kill Rickon shortly if he already hasn’t, noting the crazy Bolton bastard loves playing his games of torture and surprise. She has a lot of knowledge to offer (like Theon to Stannis in A Dance with Dragons), but Jon refuses and is content to fight with the forces he has. When they meet on the field the next day, Ramsay frees Rickon to run to the other side—only to shoot him with an arrow as Jon fails to swoop in and save him. Davos and Tormund are present the whole time, as well, but they mainly fight when they’re not simply supporting Jon.

The battle commences and the Stark side faces hell on all sides, eventually getting completely surrounded as Bolton forces form a death pit. At the eleventh hour, the trumpet sounds and Sansa shows up with Littlefinger and his knights of the Vale, bearing the flag of House Arryn, to wipe out the Bolton army. Yes, the Starks win their ancestral home back, but lose another sibling (the youngest) in the process. Jon meets with Ramsay in the dungeon until Sansa arrives to say her piece. Ramsay, although tied to a chair, has the arrogance to tell Sansa that he’s “inside” her still. His hubris quickly ends when she releases his prized, starving hounds to enjoy their master for supper.

Battle of the Bastards 

“Battle of the Bastards” was another HUGE penultimate episode for a “Game of Thrones’” season as the two battles that will begin in The Winds of Winter (Battle for Slaver’s Bay, Battle for Winterfell) served as the action-brimming plot for this week. We may have lost poor Rickon, but the vile, unspeakably evil Ramsay also received comeuppance as only the HBO tent pole delivers. Expect an incredible VARYS scene next week in the episode appropriately titled “The Winds of Winter.” Congratulations to director Miguel Sapochnik (Repo Men) for outdoing his incredible sequence from last season's "Hardhome," when the army of the dead caught Jon Snow unaware at the wildling city. Despite the predictablity of the knights of the Vale showing up to save the day, Sapochnik's depiction of medieval warfare for the Battle of the Bastards sequence outside Winterfell was as brutal as it was realistic.

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