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Game of Thrones 604 recap & review

Book of the Stranger


Full spoilers concerning “Game of Thrones” as well as “A Song of Ice and Fire” contained below. Like the new recaps this season, we will break the episode down by region/ setting.

CASTLE BLACK: Despite declaring the end of his watch in “Oathbreaker,” Jon begins “Book of the Stranger” still hanging out with Edd at Castle Black. His departure gets interrupted when Sansa, Brienne, and Podrick arrive at the castle with terrible news about her time with Ramsey. Things get worse when Jon gets a message from Ramsey stating that he has Rickon captive. Sansa understands what this means and pleads for Jon to go take Winterfell. Readers recall Ramsey’s very similar note to Jon in A Dance with Dragons where the subject was Stannis Baratheon, not Rickon Stark. The highlight of scenes at Castle Black obviously lies in Jon and Sansa’s reunion, but never got sweeter than when Brienne confronted Davos and Melisandre to give them the news that she executed Stannis in the name of Renly Baratheon. Davos took the news about Stannis well, all things considered. 

Castle Black

WINTERFELL: Osha’s recent return to the series was swiftly ended this week when Ramsey killed her in the middle of seduction. Viewers recall Osha seduced Theon in the second season to allow the Stark boys to escape. Obviously as Reek, Theon gave Ramsey this information.

MEEREEN: After discovering the slave masters from the cities of Slaver’s Bay have created and funded the Sons of the Harpy, Tyrion and Varys arrange to meet a few masters to make terms in order to end the Sons’ reign of terror as well as slavery. Tyrion gives the masters seven years to end slavery, a compromise of which Grey Worm and Missandei staunchly disagree. The runaway Lannister just wants his city to stop burning and his people to quit killing each other.


KING’S LANDING/ SEPT: The High Sparrow again shows Margaery more kindness and grace than he ever showed Cersei, allowing the Queen to meet with her brother, Loras—making his seasonal debut ever since the siblings went to the big house together last season. Loras is far the worse for wear, but Margaery encourages him to stay strong and to not give in to the Faith Militant despite the High Sparrow’s gesture. / RED KEEP: Cersei and Jaime interrupt another small council meeting, but with a new approach this time. Not making herself clear enough earlier this season, the Queen Mother makes her would-be political opponents into allies by pointing out how their interests have aligned yet again. Neither the Lannister siblings, their Uncle, nor Lady Olenna can afford to let the Faith Militant take power—the first step blocking Margaery’s walk of penance. If Margaery needs a champion, obviously it looks like Ser Robert Strong/ The Mountain Who Rides would step up for her. Who would the Faith Militant choose? It looks like one step closer to Clegane Bowl ’16. We just need somebody to visit the Quiet Isle. Brienne? Jaime? Arya?

VALE: Littlefinger makes his seasonal debut collecting Robin Arryn from the care of Yohn Royce, who has a few choice accusations of Lord Petyr Baelish. Baelish picks up right away, and essentially threatens to get rid of Royce to his face. Robin Arryn suggests they throw Royce out the moon door as Yohn negotiates with Littlefinger for his life. When they let Royce live, Baelish tells Robin Arryn that Sansa Stark will need the knights of the Vale to rescue her from the Boltons. The falcon gift for Robin showed how closely D&D pay attention to detail. 


PYKE: This scene got stretched out only to let Yara go on and on because Theon couldn’t a word in edgewise. Yara accuses Theon of appearing on the Iron Islands right before the Kingsmoot to assume the Salt Throne as a Greyjoy; however, he assures his sister that he would rather support her claim. These two might finally have a satisfying sibling relationship.

VAES DOTHRAK: Oh, those rogue cowboys. Daario and Jorah show up at Vaes Dothrak to rescue Daenerys. Jorah suggests that she will be held in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen, so the men sneak through the city under cover of night to break her out of captivity. However, they catch her in the middle of a conversation with the Dosh Khaleen, in the middle of a scheme. As it turns out, she never needed a man (or two) to rescue her as she is the Unburnt. When the council of khals brings her before them for sentencing (because she didn’t immediately join the Dosh Khaleen), Daenerys decides she is the best fit to lead the armies of the Dothraki. Several shots frame up how much flame is used in the tent until Daenerys tips over all the flames and burns the tent down with her and the khals inside. Like the end of season one, she emerges nude from the flames with her clothing burned off, yet her physical body miraculously unharmed and unburned. And like the Unsullied and Second Sons, the Dothraki join forces with the mother of dragons. WOW!

Vaes Dothrak

A lot to think about, especially the implications to the larger scheme of things. Jon, Melisandre, and Castle Black have served as the focus of action in season six so far, so it was a great change of pace to give Daenerys the spotlight, as she rarely lets down in terms of twists and turns. In the books, Quaithe gives the Khaleesi a cryptic prophecy and the show seems to be filling in the area for readers who want to know what that means. Will she take the Dothraki through the cursed ghost grass all the way to Asshai? Will she travel to Westeros by way of the Five Forts, coming down from the true North?

Next week, "THE DOOR": 



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