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Spoilers! Continuing with the new format, recaps will break “Game of Thrones” down by region.

SHIP AT SEA: It took three episodes to finally catch up with Sam and Gilly now that director Daniel Sackheim takes over for Jeremy Podeswa in the sixth season. Viewers recall Jon commissioned Sam to train at the maester’s citadel in Oldtown at the end of last season. When we finally see Sam, Gilly, and baby Sam, they’re well in the middle of their sea voyage. Sam explains that the citadel isn’t like Castle Black, and that Gilly certainly won’t have access to enter and walk about as she pleases. Sam’s solution is that he will make a stop at his ancestral castle of Horn Hill to drop off Gilly, under the guise that Baby Sam is really his son so his family will more willingly accept her. House Tarly looks to make a splash on “Game of Thrones” in the coming weeks, it would seem.

S and G

VAES DOTHRAK/ ESSOS: Daenerys finally arrives at Vaes Dothrak for the first time since the death of Khal Drogo. Fans remember Vaes Dothrak from the first season when she ate the horse’s heart and Drogo poured liquid gold on Viserys. The Dosh Khaleen, widowed Khaleesis, strip Daenerys of her dress and provide her with their equivalent of a uniform. Daenerys also learns that her fate hasn’t entirely been decided as she was supposed to join the Dosh Khaleen immediately after Drogo’s death. Hopefully Jorah and Daario, cowboys at large, find her soon.

MEEREEN: An interesting sequence altogether that begins with Varys, follows with Tyrion, and then joins them to close it. Varys speaks with a known sympathizer to the Sons of the Harpy in order to better know his enemy while Tyrion attempts a conversation with Missandei and Grey Worm that doesn’t concern work. Eventually, Varys joins them with the information that the Sons of the Harpy have been funded and perpetuated by the masters of Volantis, in addition to cities Daenerys has conquered, like Astapor and Yunkai.

DORNE: Bloodraven takes Bran back to another key moment in the modern history of Westeros. In Dorne, at the Tower of Joy, Bran sees his father, Howland Reed, Jon Arryn, and a host of others roll up to a high, Dornish spire. Young Ned’s host meets a couple Kingsguard, led by the Sword of the Morning, Ser Arthur Dayne. After a long, exciting sequence of crossing blades, Reed plunges a dagger into Dayne before he can best Ned. Ned hears his sister Lyanna cry for help from the tower, but Bloodraven won’t let Bran stick around to see how it all plays out…Damn it.

Tower of Joy

KING’S LANDING: Qyburn, the new Master of Whispers, greets his network of child spies in his creepy, Hollywood movie laboratory. He hears a little of how much they all loved Varys and counters with a box of goodies for each and every one of them.  It was humorous to know he’s not even keeping the b.s. “Ser Robert Strong” name for the zombified Mountain who Rides.  / RED KEEP: Cersei, Jaime, and the zombified Mountain show up to interrupt a small council meeting as Grand Maester Pycelle speaks ill of them. Having the immovable Mountain present certainly means the Lannister siblings can’t be removed from the meeting, but it doesn’t mean Pycelle, Kevan Lannister, Olenna and Mace Tyrell have to stick around. Cersei is furious that she’s not able to view Myrcella’s body and it will probably come to a head next week. The crown is about to go to war with the official religious institution of Westeros, the Faith Militant, who are now fully armed. / SEPT: Tommen meets with the High Sparrow to speak on his mother’s behalf, but the High Sparrow takes complete advantage of Tommen’s youth, inexperience, and lack of wisdom to talk circles around the boy king. 

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BRAAVOS/ HOUSE OF BLACK AND WHITE: Arya continues training against the waif with her bo staff until finally besting her opponent. Jaqen appears asking her more questions to which she’s obviously not supposed to answer, until finally restoring her vision anyway—another act fans have anticipated as hotly as Jon’s resurrection.

WINTERFELL: Ramsey and his new Karstark buddy have been working hard to enslave the people of the North. Their newest attempt at an alliance involves including the newest head of House Umber. This man from Umber has no interest in siding with House Bolton, but has a gift and delivers Osha and Rickon—missing since the third season—to Ramsey. The Umber has Shaggydog’s head put on a table to prove Rickon’s Stark lineage.

CASTLE BLACK: Like every episode so far, “Oathbreaker” had bookend scenes at Castle Black. The opening scene established that Jon Snow had, in fact, come back to life from death and showed the reactions of the men at the Wall, who suspect him to be some sort of god. Even Melisandre emerges to admire her craft.  The episode ends with Jon, now dressed in full crow attire, facilitating the execution of Thorne, Olly, Yarwick, and a fourth mutineer. Once the sentenced men die, Jon takes off his big crow coat (perhaps he’s too warm? Melisandre doesn’t wear a coat at the wall, you know) and declares his watch ended with death, quoting his Night’s Watch oath back at his brothers. He promotes Edd to Lord Commander and walks out of Castle Black, having not technically broken his oath as he did, in fact, die at the end of last season. Perhaps he’s headed to get the newly emerged Rickon back from Ramsey now that he has no ties to Castle Black.

The big question regarding Rickon got answered, but "Oathbreaker" created more questions than it answered. Next week:

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