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Community 610 recap/ review

Basic RV Repair and Palmistry


“Community” spoilers included.

Elroy’s RV speeds along the Rocky Mountains, ferrying with a giant forearm fastened on top as the camera takes us inside to show Elroy driving the Save Greendale Committee sans Chang.  Abed attempts to flashback three weeks earlier to give the story a sense of dynamic, but can’t quite do it. If immersing himself in film and television his entire existence has shown him one thing, it’s that his life is somehow another “show” for him to enjoy. This explanation upsets Jeff, who begins looting through Elroy’s home to zero in on some booze.  Elroy summons the Dean from stitching to join him for a private discussion up in the front of the vehicle.  The vinyl partition Elroy employs serves no private use as the group can clearly hear him talk. He then whispers to the Dean that he underestimated the amount of gas needed for the trip because he didn’t expect to haul everybody (sans Chang) in the RV along for the ride. The Dean tells Elroy to not tell anyone else, nor panic. When the Dean emerges, Frankie correctly guesses that they’re running out of gas causing the Dean to panic immediately, hysterically exacerbating the situation with ridiculous hyperboles.  Jeff calms him down and Annie reminds everyone to charge their phones while the vehicle still has power.  This plan quickly dives south as Elroy loses control of his vehicle because the charging phones have sucked up the remaining power, causing the RV to eventually come to rest at a roadside cliff. When everybody settles, the Dean pulls the vinyl partition to have another word with Elroy, who wants nothing to do with him—sending the Dean to ridiculously panic once more before the opening titles begin.

A flashback to three weeks earlier shows the group voting at the study room table to rid the school of the giant hand.  Everybody except Dean Pelton votes to be gone with it. Jeff tells Abed to cut out the flashbacking as he gives BS advice to Elroy about RV maintenance. Meanwhile, Annie and Frankie exchange spam-calling tow services to come retrieve Elroy’s vehicle without success, citing all three services have participated in the same Armed Forces Day parade.   The Dean rises to blame Frankie, claiming she’s the reason they’re in a tight spot because she wanted to originally get rid of the giant forearm.  Jeff interjects to defend Frankie, jumping in to explain that it’s the Dean’s mistake for ordering a stupid hand in the first place and that he should thank his lucky stars because she was able to find a buyer for the hand in an attempt to retain the school’s money.  His defense digresses to ridicule Abed for trying to conceptualize his life as a show.  Jeff suffers a minor meltdown concerning Abed’s “show” mentality, but quickly comes to grips. Elroy reenters to explain the primary battery has died, leaving the secondary one with 3-4 hours remaining.  He also states it’s more-than-likely that they could end up spending the evening inside of the RV.  The only hiccup to Elroy’s plan is that everybody continued charging their phones, killing the secondary battery and stranding them inside for the evening.  “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry” quickly turned into another bottle episode if one considers every scene at Greendale is merely one of Abed’s flashbacks.


The chirping crickets inspire the Dean to practice his stand-up routine as Abed tries to flashback again by grinding his teeth together with open lips. As Elroy distributes blankets, he lays the blame on thickly with passive-aggression before ultimately claiming the blame as his own.  This inspires the group to each share a little blame and forgive each other.  The Dean, however, refuses to accept any blame and forgives everybody else.  They reject his insincere apology for not telling them up front that he really wanted to keep the hand. Abed tries to interrupt Jeff chiding the Dean, but to no avail.  The Dean decides not to sell the hand and storms out of the RV.  Frankie instructs the group to not let the Dean reenter as Abed follows him outside.  Abed locates the Dean sitting in the palm of the hand on top of the vehicle and sits beside him.  Abed explains that he’s on the Dean’s side because it’s not right that he’s up there in terms of plot progression regarding the “show.” The straps fastening the hand snap with their added weight and the hand rolls off the top and rests on the ground.  Before the hand falls, however, Abed gets the Dean to flashback with him where they delusionally recall the request for reinforced straps and break out into song and dance after the Dean tasers Jeff.  The group rushes outside to help Abed lift the hand for fear that it crushed Dean Pelton, who faked them out and runs to lock himself inside the RV.  Britta tries preserving warmth by worming her way into the fist. 

Nobody except Abed can convince the Dean to exit, but first Jeff must convince Abed to convince the Dean.  When Jeff fails and freaks out at Abed yet again this season, Frankie intervenes by appealing to Abed’s flashback gag and love of sci-fi.  She tells Abed that the present really is a flashback and that he’s travelled thirty centons to help them.  Abed agrees to help the group and accomplishes this when he explains to the Dean how and why he knows the Dean bought a giant hand.  This inspires Dean Pelton to exit and start a group hug as Elroy returns to explain he actually just pooped.  Three days later they laugh together around the table as Chang enters covered in feathers.  An exterior shot of Greendale shows the fist has become a new campus monument with a wristband that reads: Keep a loose grip. The credits tag featured a dark situation about the potential buyer of Greendale’s giant forearm. A man (guest star Matt Besser) and his wife come to the realization that the giant hand is a twisted metaphor for replacing their “missing” child.

The return of PAINTBALL next week!

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