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Bates Motel Episode 6 Review and Recap

The Truth


This week, “Bates Motel” really solidified itself as one of the up-and-coming television shows in the recent multitude of emerging dramas.  “The Truth” went to places this show hasn’t gone to while connecting dots and filling in pieces of the story’s puzzle.  The audience that stuck with this show from day one was finally given its breakthrough episode.

It opens up with a distraught Norma sitting in disbelief and shock after finding out her significant other (Deputy Zack) was keeping a girl captive as a sex slave.  Norman and Emma discuss how to handle the situation.  Emma suggests getting her a glass of water (I know this is the convention, but it will take a lot more than a glass of water to cure Norma’s blues.  Norma finding out her main squeeze has been harboring a living sex toy completely changes the complexion of things).  Norma understandably flips out and attempts to drive off to confront Deputy Zack.  Norman stops her after jumping in the car window.  The two struggle over the wheel while driving in high-speed circles in the motel parking lot (all in front of Emma).  Norman manages to stop his crazed mother and calms her down.  From there, we enter the next scene.

Dylan explains to his criminal employer what transpired in last week’s episode (Ethan being shot; Dylan killing Ethan’s killer).  When Dylan tells the boss his story, it looked as if the boss had a cat-who-swallowed-the-canary look on his face when Dylan told him about nearly saving Ethan (I guess he didn’t make it).  The boss then promotes Dylan for taking care of business and instructs him on destroying the evidence (Ethan’s bloody truck).

After dowsing Ethan’s truck in gasoline and setting it ablaze, Dylan meets his new business associate, Remo:  an older, surly type that starts right in on Dylan for being so young (it is found out that Dylan is 21 years old).

After Norma checks on the rescued sex slave, she discusses it with Norma and Emma.  Emma is insistent on going to the police right off the bat.  Norma, with ulterior motives in mind (Deputy Zack still has the belt that could incriminate both her and Norman), tells her to hold off on everything until the girl can somewhat recover from the trauma.

While walking Emma to her car, Norma finds out that Emma is estranged from her mother.  She offers some comforting words and the absence of maternal affection becomes apparent as Emma dives into a deep hug with Norma.  It was a sweet moment that was chopped down when Norman complimented her afterward and all Norma could think about was her own agenda  (the belt Deputy Zack still had in his possession that could burn Norma and her son to the ground).

Norma then dolls herself up in order to go to Deputy Zack’s house and try to retrieve the belt (with her shadow, Norman, hanging around, of course).  Dylan then interrupts the two of them and shows why he is an up-and-comer in the White Pine Bay crime world by hatching a much more thought out plan than Norma and Norman had come up with.  Dylan suggests that he and his brother go look at the boat where Norman found the sex slave (the one that belonged to Keith Summers).

On the car ride there, Dylan tells Norman that he has officially put down a cash deposit for a new bungalow on the Oregon coast.  Dylan does his best to entice his little brother enough to get him to move away from his overbearing mother.  I felt that the scene really spoke high volumes about Dylan’s character (he’s a 21-year-old who wants to become a guardian to his little brother simply because he wants him in a better environment).

When they arrive at the boat, Norman and Dylan look for the belt while Dylan tells Norman his theory on what actually happened to his father.  He tells Norman that he believes that Norma murdered Norman’s dad and collected the insurance money.  Norman denies it as best as he can, but it is apparent that Dylan is getting through to Norman.  Dylan finds the belt and wins Norman over completely by saying the perfect big brother line:  “Stick with me, kid.”

Norma gets a visitor back at the motel that she believes to be her two sons returning home.  Instead, it is Deputy Zack who is in the mood for some lovin’.  Norma tries her best to cool him down but he cannot be swayed.  They go down to the motel and Norma lets him do the deed one last time.  During their awkward love session, Deputy Zack hears water going through the motel pipes from another room.  He goes into cop-mode and bangs on the door of the room his former sex slave is in.  When she answers, she naturally freaks and starts sprinting into the woods.  Zack tries firing rounds at her and Norma stops him.  Zack pushes her to the ground, calls her a bitch and tries to catch up to silence his sex slave.

Dylan and Norman then arrive at the scene.  Dylan tells Norma that Norman is moving in with him.  She is so out of sorts about it that she makes light of Deputy Zack still somewhere close by.  During a heated argument over Norman moving out, Deputy Zack returns with a gun pointed at them.  He makes Dylan relinquish his gun and takes them inside the house.

In the kitchen, Deputy Zack starts to realize the reality of the situation and begins to come unhinged.  He points a gun at Norman while his mother watches in horror.  He then begins to beat Norma. Norman loses it and pushes Deputy Zack against the wall knocking his gun from his hands in the process.  Deputy Zack puts Normans head through glass rendering him unconscious.  Dylan sees the opportunity and snatches the gun.  A firefight ensues.

Norma tries to hightail it out of there with Norman (whom is beyond punch-drunk).  She manages to carry him to the car.  When they get there ready to make their getaway, she realizes she left her keys in the house.  Norma and Norman are now sitting ducks for Deputy Zack.

Meanwhile, Deputy Zack and Dylan exchange rounds in the house.  The firefight was absolutely epic.  The buildup to it was well done and the showdown between Deputy Zack and Dylan will probably go down as one of the high points of this show’s debut season.  At the end of the gunfight, Dylan emerges the victor (it was a nice touch by having Deputy Zack stumble out of the house appearing to have gotten the better of Dylan). 

Deputy Zack falls dead and Dylan sprints toward him to make sure the job is done.  Norma embraces Dylan and they have their first moment of genuine affection since the show began.

The big reveal came at the end of the episode when the death of Norman’s father was fully explained.  It goes all the way back to right before the season’s opening scene.  Norma and Sam (Norman’s father) are having an argument about money while Norman is mixing something in a blender in the kitchen.  When things get violent, Norman empties the blender and lethally bludgeons his father with it.   Norman was unresponsive to his mother and appeared to be in a trance of some kind (that’s what happened when he attacked Deputy Zack earlier on).  After he whacked his father in the back of the head, his mother laid him down and staged the accident.

Upon learning this, Dylan’s outlook of everything changed drastically.  He now sees Norma (and Norman) in a different light and most likely will not be moving out (his brother is mentally ill and needs to be watched over closely).  In my eyes, this was undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far.  This week laid it on thick and kept my eyes glued to the screen with the amazing showdown, the reveals and the all around solid storytelling. It will be difficult to top this, but this show has surprised me time and time again.





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