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The longest running show on television

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One of the few animated shows to achieve such incredible feats, “The Simpsons” is carved so deep into pop culture that it is difficult to imagine a world without America’s most lovable, dysfunctional family. It was indeed a close call to becoming a reality during the early days of what would eventually become America’s longest running sitcom.

“The Simpsons” is a show that went from a tiny hilltop to sky-high heights evolving from a simple run-of-the-mill animated sitcom to a well written, original, pop culture beast.  The show blazed a trail all its own breaking through several barriers that an animated show hadn’t ever broken through before (aside from maybe “The Flinstones”).

Debuting in 1989, despite a halfway decent pilot (of course, it was nowhere near the quality of the later seasons) as well as a somewhat warm reception from the public, “The Simpsons” almost bit the dust before season one even began. 

The problem wasn’t the critics or the ratings; it was the production.  Back during the time when “The Simpsons” began, it was a daunting task even for a television show with network backing to find animators that could create quality animation, as there were only a few options to work with.

This proved to be the case when the creators of the show nearly pulled the plug on the whole thing.  The reason being that “Some Enchanted Evening,” originally intended to be the pilot episode, had such a lack in animation quality that the majority of it was unusable.  It was decided to air “Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire” instead of the unusable episode and the decision kept the show going another week.  According to creators, if the next episode wasn’t up to par, “The Simpsons” would’ve been no more.

However, Matt Groening and his team made it through the trials and tribulations and made it work in the end.  Thankfully for the comedy-appreciating world, the next episode, “Bart the Genuis,” was a drastic improvement in quality and “The Simpsons” continued on its record setting path to become the giant it is today.





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