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The Stuff of Nightmares - Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes edition by James Lovegrove

by James Chantrill

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first gave us the greatest detective all those many years ago and after his death other authors have stepped up to the plate and have delivered some fantastic entries into sherlock holmes' history.  James Lovegrove writes us a compelling and intriguing novel that is a marvelous addition to the rich history that is Sherlock Holmes. 

In Lovegrove's novel, "The Stuff of Nightmares,"  we get a taste of social unrest brought about by terrorist bombings and vigilantism which in turn brings the world's greatest detective and his ever loyal compatriot into the fold.  The story centers around a recent string of bombings that have caused a rippling effect of fear and mob-like activity as the population becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the government handling of the situation.  Meanwhile, a vigilante has appeared to haunt the streets of London and the steps of criminals.   This masked figure was thought to be nothing more than the boogieman that criminals told their kids about at night, but is proven to be all to real and this is what propels Sherlock Holmes to begin an investigation.  

As with any Sherlock Holmes story, we read from the perspective of his companion Dr. Watson which gives us more insight into the brilliant but randomness that is Sherlock Holmes.  I personally thought that this was a fantastic novel it was a very compelling read that pulls the reader into it to see what happens on the next page.  While reading this novel, I could clearly pitcure the action scenes as though I was watching them unfold before my eyes and this is ample enough proof to Lovegrove's ability as a writer.

I recommend this to anyone that enjoyed the recent Guy Ritchie films starring Robert Downey Jr as sherlock Holmes and jude law as Dr Watson on the basis that you can clearly picture this being transcribed into a movie with those actors reviving their roles.  Additionally, anyone that enjoy the Sherlock Holmes story would undoubtedly enjoy giving this novel a read.

For those that get the chance to read this, I will be looking forward to seeing what happens in the next Sherlock Holmes novel, "The Will of the Dead by George Mann."

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