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Fringe:   The Burning Man Review

The second installment has arrived

by James Chantrill

With the second novel in the series of tie-ins to the television show “Fringe,” Christa Faust leaves little doubt of her genuine desire to give more to the loyal readers as well as the viewers of the cult-classic series.

“The Burning Man” explores what made Olivia Dunham who she is by examining more of her past than we previously knew from the television show.  We get to see her early days down in Jacksonville (Florida) with a look into Walter Bishop and William Bell’s experiments all the way to Olivia’s teenage years.  With Olivia’s tragedy-filled past, we see how she tries to escape that violent past which eventually catches up to her present with some explosive results. 

What I continue to appreciate with Faust’s writing is that she strives to make sure that what she adds to the novels ties back into the television show.  Some of the tie-ins are obvious, but some of them only some die-hard fans of the show will catch (and those “Easter eggs” are what I look forward to reading when I open each of the “Fringe” books).  In this novel, we get to see how Massive Dynamic has always had a role in Dunham’s life as well as some other great hidden parts to the mythos that is “Fringe.”

For those of you that had the chance to read Faust’s first novel into the series, “The Zodiac Paradox,” I strongly recommend this novel on the basis that we get to learn more of what made Olivia Dunham into the compelling character that “Fringe” fans know.  Faust gives Olivia a backstory and shows what drives her to mature into the agent that she eventually becomes (and to all “Fringe” fans craving another story worth a read, Faust is set to release her third “Fringe” novel, “Sins of the Father” Nov. 5). 

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