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Elysium:   The Art of the Film

The Art of the Film

by James Chantrill

With the film Elysium, Neil Blomkamp once again proved why he is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.  He deftly weaves a story that mirrors present social society but also knows how to make a Hollywood blockbuster.  Then with the recent release of "Elysium: The Art of the Film," we get to delve back into the world that Neil Blomkamp created with more backstory on the concepts that he settled on for the film.

Mark Salisbury is the driving force that produced this wonderful book of art from the film in close cooperation with the filmmakers.  In the foreword, which is written by Neil Blomkamp, he explains how these books were his favorite as a child as it let him looking at the magic going on behind the camera.  With "Elysium: The Art of the Film," we get to look at the creative process of Neil Blomkamp, Weta Workshop (District 9, The Lord of the Rings), and also Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Tron).    With a full 175 pages of high resolution art photos, screen test shots, and concept art to look through there is also exclusive interviews weaved throughout to give a more in depth look of the creative process behind Elysium

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