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Ecko Rising Review

Debut author Danie Ware creates a new world

by James Chantrill

With “Ecko Rising,” Danie Ware strives to bring something new to the writing scene with a mash-up hybrid novel combining sci-fi and fantasy.  Does her debut novel make waves or does it just create a mere ripple that will soon be forgotten?

Ware brings us a futuristic novel about a cybernetic assassin that has enough enhancements to make him superhuman, but some believe him to be losing his sanity/humanity.  When a simple mission goes wrong, Ecko (the protagonist) awakens in a different time and place with a haunting suspicion that his boss has placed his mind into a virtual Rorschach to test whether he is able to maintain in the face of harsh and intolerable conditions.  Ecko awakens to find himself in a world oddly reminiscent of a great many fantastical sagas in which an ultimate evil rules all and the protagonist is the only chance of defeating this nefarious superpower (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars).

Considering that “Ecko Rising” is Ware’s debut, there are only a few issues I personally have with this novel.  The major thing that I would criticize about this book is that there should have been a little more time spent in the beginning in Ecko’s futuristic London (the story would have a better flow if the reader could have had time to understand why Ecko is who he is before throwing him in this completely different world).  It felt that Ware was rushing the story so much that it could possibly overwhelm the reader during the process of figuring out what makes the characters tick and understanding the motivation behind their thoughts and actions.  While this may be seen as a flaw, it could also be construed as beneficial to the story as it challenges the reader to pay close attention to the important details. 

While this read may be a little rough in a few spots, nothing should be taken away from Ware as she wrote a compelling story that intrigued me with its originality and bold storytelling.  By writing a core of compelling characters, Ware has made a commendable entrance into the literary world.   It will be interested to see where the story goes in the next installment in the Ecko series, “Ecko Burning.”

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