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DC Universe Trade Reading Order

DC Universe Trade Reading Order

Crisis on Infinite Earths to DC Rebirth

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Before you begin, I should preface by mentioning that this list is by no means a complete one. I've spent the past several years researching different reading orders recommended from all corners of the web. I certainly don't have all the answers. It's very Batman-heavy to be honest and I could definitely have more Aquaman and the Flash titles for you, certainly some more Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern wouldn't hurt either. (But my money is finite and I don't have any sponsors... yet. Hit me up, DC! I have excellent story ideas and I relish the history of this fictional multiverse.)


Hopefully, I'll be able to update this periodically for readers as I'm especially keen to add more of the pre-Flashpoint Constantine and continue with post-Rebirth-era DC.


I get a little thin around the Infinite Crisis but I promise my New 52/ DC You/ and Rebirth slides will be rather extensive.


This reading order begins around Crisis on Infinite Earths, or what I'd call the dawn of a postmodern canon of sorts.

The slides go as follows in chronological timeline:

    • Crisis on Infinite Earths 
    • Zero Hour
    • Infinite Crisis
    • Final Crisis
    • New 52
    • DC You
    • DC Rebirth


Please sound off in the comments for any suggestions or questions!


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