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The Thing from The Thing (1982), 2011 remake

3. The Thing from The Thing (1982), 2011 remake

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For we do not rejoice in those things that are seen, but in these things that are unseen. For things seen are time related, but those unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18.  The alien presence from The Thing is an unseen entity warranting no rejoice. Director John Carpenter never showed the creature in its true form for his 1982 sci-fi cult classic.  Throughout the film, a shape-shifting extraterrestrial from thousands of years ago (or an eternity) takes different biological forms.  The terror here is in the unknown/ unseen category—something many viewers consider to be the scariest aspect of a film due to the sheer psychological factor.  Maybe we don’t rejoice in the unseen alien, but it certainly could be eternal as neither Carpenter nor star Kurt Russell can confirm that they still don’t know which character has been “replaced” by the elderly entity and when. 

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