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Predator from Predator (1987), sequels

8. Predator from Predator (1987), sequels

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Imagine this guy travelling millions of miles through space just to prey on humanity and you’re the first human he sees.  If you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, it should be a two-hour action fest, but anyone from the audience? Different, albeit shorter, result.  The heat-vision-ed extra-terrestrial had all manner of projectiles mounted on his suit/ body, but none looked cooler than his deadly, salivating jaws with his arms spread wide open as if he just sacked Jay Cutler for a big loss.  The predator didn’t need to speak, instead relying on instinct and motivation alone to hunt Arnold.  We later discovered in 2010’s Predators that these aliens are so advanced as to maintain a planet for testing the hunting skill of human beings in order to learn all of our techniques in what looks to be a literal us-against-them scenario.  Diabolical.

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