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The Hunger Games

9. The Hunger Games

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This hugely-successful franchise just keeps barreling its way to box office glory and has grown more popular than the series of young adult novels on which it’s based.  Viewers first met Katniss Everdeen in March of 2012, catapulting star Jennifer Lawrence to international super stardom and an eventual win at the Academy Awards.  Ever since, The Hunger Games sequels have blown up the holiday box office in November with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Pt. 1 emerging with the highest cumulative domestic gross among films released in 2014 (if one considers that nearly all of American Sniper’s gross came in 2015.)  This franchise presents a dystopian future that follows a great war and global flooding as a despot ruler desperately clings to power by implementing “the Hunger Games”—a competition where teenagers essentially fight to death for the entertainment of the masses.  Consider this franchise a return to science-fiction roots where the story is more important than the special effects.  Look for the epic conclusion this November in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Pt. 2.

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