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“Use the force!” Ever since the 1977 debut, director George Lucas’ Star Wars phenomenon exploded into exponential popularity among generations across the globe. Sequels, prequels, cartoons, novels, video games, action figures, and a Disney buyout to boot, Star Wars is perhaps one of the most recognizable brand names the world over.  In spite of the fantastical planets, mystical powers, gruesome creatures, shiny droids, and lightsabers, Star Wars still manages to resonate with the classic themes of good vs. evil and servitude.  Any time a band of misfits team up for a rescue in a movie (be it a rebel princess or a frozen smuggler), the result always turns out well.  Look for the newest entry this year to bring forth a box office domination the likes of which the world has never seen.   With the reemergence of Star Wars, Disney has an indubitable cash cow in its possession. 

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