Mad Max

8. Mad Max

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How about some Australian sci-fi?  Filmmaker George Miller began the Mad Max craze in the 1970s on a shoestring budget (which he made working as an E.R. doctor) with an unknown actor named Mel Gibson.  In fact, Miller recently admitted that the 1979 original wasn’t intended to take place after the apocalypse, but the little production value limited his options to explain that the story happens after a cataclysmic world war.   With this filmmaker’s admission, one could then easily remove the Mad Max franchise from this list, but the sequels improved upon the material in the first entry and built on that, leading to the re-establishment of Miller’s hero with a 2015 reboot/ sequel, Mad Max: Fury Road—a film definitely taking place in the realm of sci-fi. These films explore society and sociology in post-apocalyptic Australia from an action/adventure standpoint as Miller relates today’s issues into his world of mayhem and colorful characters.

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