Jurassic Park

6. Jurassic Park

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Thanks to the mind of filmmaker Steven Spielberg, film audiences got their closest experience to dinosaurs outside of a fossil site. I personally remember being a dinosaur-obsessed five-year-old excited to be in the theater showing Jurassic Park and fearfully glancing away from the screen when the T-Rex roared at the camera. After two sequels, audiences grew tired of visiting the dino-populated attraction especially since the sequels paled in comparison to the original story and became more about the CGI.  Universal Studios hopes to recapture the spirit of the original this summer with Jurassic World, a reboot (soft, along the lines of Mad Max: Fury Road) that takes the story beyond genetically creating the dinosaurs and into genetic splicing of the beasts.  Every time a person sees a Jurassic Park movie, they contemplate whether or not visiting such a place would be worth the risk.  

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