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Back to the Future

10. Back to the Future

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Robert Zemeckis’ time-travelling trilogy stands the test of time beyond just “80s movies.”  While the Back to the Future films featured more than a little taste of 1980s pop culture, a teenager going back in time (or to the future) to save his family with the help of an eccentric scientist transcends the times in which it was created.  Marty McFly wasn’t a terrifying warrior of the apocalypse, have a space ship, and didn’t tote any massive, automatic weapons—he was a slacking high school student with an average home life who travelled time with Christopher Lloyd.  Zemeckis’ relatable protagonist presented sci-fi that didn’t need lightsabers or aliens to have fun. Only the Bill and Ted franchise has approached this tier of science-fiction, albeit in a more comedy-based presentation.  Would you travel back in time if a mad scientist offered?

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