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Alien / Prometheus

5. Alien / Prometheus

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“In space, no one can hear you scream.” What began as a 1979 horror film most recently developed into a 2012 adventure about the origin of life.  We’ve seen the xenomorph appear in every decade since the 1970s.  Alien is the original of the bunch, a horror movie about people in the future trapped with a violent, predatory alien in a space ship lightyears away from Earth.  The series hired celebrated directors no matter which installment: Ridley Scott (Alien, Prometheus), James Cameron (Aliens), David Fincher (Alien 3), and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Alien: Resurrection).  The franchise also saw a downturn in the 00s with lackluster spinoffs tied to the Predator franchise, but rebounded nicely with Prometheus. Current sci-fi godfather Neill Blomkamp also has an Alien sequel in pre-production with original star Sigourney Weaver attached.  Scott also indicated a Prometheus sequel with star Michael Fassbender’s involvement. This is a sci-fi franchise that can change subgenre without disrupting the narrative: horror, action, adventure, drama, heist, etc. 

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