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Top 10 Movie Spies

Top 10 Movie Spies

Immersion anticipates the release of Spy

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As Spy edges closer to cinemas, Immersion Online takes a look at the several movie spies spoofed by Melissa McCarthy’s (Bridesmaids, The Heat) newest major motion picture.  In Spy, classically trained foreign actors like Jason Statham (the Transporter trilogy), Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes), and Rose Byrne (Get Him to the Greek) join McCarthy for an action-comedy that makes light of the spy/ espionage genre.


Perhaps the humor regarding McCarthy’s character, Susan Cooper, is also what makes her a relatable protagonist—an average person thrown into a top-secret mission with bombs, guns, villains, and incredibly attractive people. While it’s easy to have fun with such a premise, one wonders what makes spy movies so popular at all.  Really, how many people can relate to loner assassins travelling the world? (And if you could, why would you want to watch a movie about it?) Perhaps the pure fantasy of it draws audiences, but recent spy movies have started to feature characters with more relatable qualities that make it easier to get into the movie as opposed to complete dissociation with a fantastical assumption.



Honorable mention: Jack Ryan, Eggsy, Aaron Cross


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