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Harry Palmer

8. Harry Palmer

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While Harry Palmer hasn’t seen decades of success like his 60s counterpart, James Bond, many forget that another series of spy movies came out during that era.  Two-time Academy Award-winner Michael Caine played Palmer in a trilogy of espionage films that came out one year after the other beginning in 1965 with The Ipcress File.  Palmer worked mainly against the soviets in the Cold War just like the original Bond, and director Guy Hamilton helmed at least one film in each franchise.  Caine feared that the Harry Palmer character would reach the same heights of fame as James Bond, prompting him to become the first bespectacled spy on screen as he believed glasses would separate the actor from the character based on the novels by Len Deighton.  Caine revived the character in the mid-90s for a couple of made-for-television motion pictures.

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