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Austin Powers

10. Austin Powers

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“Oh, behave!” Writer/ star Mike Myers secured his post-“Saturday Night Live” entertainment career in a hilarious trilogy of comedy films that had fun with the premise of a spy from the 1960s adjusting to the 90s/ 00s after freezing himself for 30 years to take on his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil, also played by Myers. The Austin Powers trilogy mainly picked on the Sean Connery/ Roger Moore era Bond films and the 60s in general and made Myers into a comedic leading man.  Honestly, we’d watch Myers do that ridiculous voice as any type of character, not just a goofy spy. Current Bond actor Daniel Craig recently confessed that Austin Powers ruined the Bond franchise because its focus on humor forced 007 to take a no-nonsense route, but he also said that he “loves” Mike Myers and what the actor did in creating the memorable character.

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