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Jennifer Lawrence/ Rebecca Romijn – Mystique

4. Jennifer Lawrence/ Rebecca Romijn – Mystique

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Supermodel Rebecca Romijn (The Punisher, Godsend) played Mystique in all three entries for the original trilogy, although the shape-shifting mutant’s role was greatly reduced to that of Magneto’s sidekick.  It wasn’t until Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class in 2011 that Mystique’s role featured prominently following the casting of perhaps the most in-demand actress in show business, Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone, American Hustle).  Lawrence’s performance finally fleshed out the emotions and origin of Mystique that fans had clamored for since the 2000 original release.  With franchise face Hugh Jackman looking to hang up the adamantium claws, rumors circulate that the beautiful, blue-skinned bad girl may become the new face of the X-Men franchise due to Lawrence’s rising star.

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