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Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

1. Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

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Who else? Hugh Jackman wasn’t an A-List Hollywood celebrity with a production company when Singer recast Wolverine after Dougray Scott left X-Men (2000) to make Mission: Impossible II (I’m sure he’s still kicking himself).  The rest is history.  Fans warmly received the unknown Jackman in the role of the most revered and feared member of the X-Men roster.  Jackman has owned the role of Logan/ Wolverine for fifteen years and admitted in the last couple days that the excellent quality of Days of Future Past reinvigorated his feelings for the character and the franchise, admitting he may do yet another X-Men film and stand-alone movie for Wolverine. Although he’s approaching fifty years, Jackman’s Wolverine physique looks more intense with each performance.  Is it his claws or bad attitude that make him the favorite?

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