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Field of Dreams (1989)

1. Field of Dreams (1989)

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Field of Dreams combined The Natural’s eerie mystical vibe with the sentimentality of The Pride of the Yankees. Based on the book Shoeless Joe, Costner stars as an Iowa farmer with no farming experience who builds a magical baseball diamond in his cornfield to let the ghosts of former ball players enjoy their heyday once again because a voice told him to do it.  Field of Dreams is so much more than just a baseball movie, it’s about the things that baseball can mend: fathers and sons, money troubles, annoying family members and redemption from shame.  The diamond may not be Heaven, but Iowa’s a good start.

Short list: 10) Bull Durham 9) Bang the Drum Slowly 8) Major League 7) A League of Their Own 6) Eight Men Out 5) The Sandlot 4) The Pride of the Yankees 3) Moneyball 2) The Natural 1) Field of Dreams.

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