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Michelle Pfeiffer – Batman Returns (1992)

2. Michelle Pfeiffer – Batman Returns (1992)

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Selina Kyle played a lead of sorts to the 1992 sequel.  Michael Keaton spent a majority of the film in Batman mode, while we followed Selena Kyle almost more often than Catwoman.  Tim Burton’s reimagining of the jewel thief into an independent, career-oriented 90s woman was an interesting, post-modern take and Pfeiffer was up for the challenge, chewing up scenery as the gothic, tragic character with a penchant for felines.  In a film crammed with all sorts of bizarre testosterone in Danny De Vito, Christopher Walken, and Michael Keaton, the feminine character steals the show as the woman who falls for Bruce Wayne and the burglar who falls for Batman. The final shot teases her return, but we sadly never saw her again in the Burton/Schumacher Batman franchise. She’s a villain and a hero, but we wouldn’t expect her any other way.

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