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Anna Paquin – X-Men (2000)

5. Anna Paquin – X-Men (2000)

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Rogue played the main character for the 2000 ensemble film.  The film opens on her discovering her abilities in the South and hitching all the way to Canada where she meets a fellow mutant in Logan.  We follow her journey of learning about and joining the X-Men with Wolverine.  Paquin played a sympathetic character; evoking pity from the audience as Marie struggled to find the human connection she desperately wanted playing the mutant. While at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Rogue finally meets peers who accept her as she is, but quickly finds her abilities putting her at the center of a war waged long before her birth. Paquin’s teenage girl going through changes on an extreme scale struck a familiar chord with audiences.

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