Ted 2 – June 26

5. Ted 2 – June 26

Dir. Seth MacFarlane

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The crude, loveable, talking teddy bear from 2012’s Ted returns in June for another romp with Mark Wahlberg.  Media mogul Seth MacFarlane writes, produces, directs, and provides the voice for the affable, vulgar, CGI stuffed toy.  Ted 2 follows Ted and his paramour Tami-Lynn’s (Jessica Barth- Get Smart)attempt to conceive a child despite government intervention to prevent them.  It would seem Ted must prove in a court of law that he is real/ has a soul and must enlist legal assistance. In a summer filled with female-influenced comedies from May through August, Mark Wahlberg and a teddy bear may be the only gentlemen to make us laugh. MacFarlane stacked his sequel with talent, as well, adding Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, and Morgan Freeman to the cast. Sam Jones and Bill Smitrovich are also confirmed to return.

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