Minions – July 10

7. Minions – July 10

Dir. Kyle Balda & Pierre Coffin

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Minions has a lot more going for it than the potential family/ animated competition coming out this summer. Despicable Me and its sequel were  money magnets at the box office.  There’s even a Minions-themed ride/attraction at Universal Studios Theme Park. B.O.O is a spin-off of Monsters vs. Aliens­—a six-year-old film that never came close to having the popularity of Despicable Me or even Gru’s minions. Disney’s Inside Out was delayed from last summer to this in order to fine tune it—early remarks are that the plot may be too difficult for the target children audience as the movie follows the humanized emotions of a little girl. Expect three world-travelling minions who journey to serve a villain to dominate the July box-office. If you didn’t love Despicable Me for Gru, you loved it for his minions.


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