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Fantastic Four – August 7

10. Fantastic Four – August 7

Dir. Josh Trank

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Despite production rumors running rampant about the director’s alleged drug use, butting heads with the studio suits, and destroying the interior of a Louisiana house that Fox had rented for him, the suspenseful Fantastic Four teaser trailer seemed to calm any reservations that fans had about the reboot.  Fresh off his success from Whiplash, Miles Teller takes on the role of the squad’s leader, Mr. Fantastic.  After leaving the successful show “House of Cards, actress Kate Mara nabbed the role of the Invisible Woman.  Director Trank cast Michael B. Jordan, one of the up-and-comers from his first film Chronicle, to play the Human Torch.  Rounding out the core four is English actor Jamie Bell (TURN: Washington’s Spies) as The Thing.  Trank’s reboot takes a science-fiction-horror, plot-based route and plays with the Fantastic Four’s traditional canon origin in order to further separate itself from the campy, uninspired 2005 motion picture that begot an even more uninspiring sequel in 2007.  The blockbuster follows four characters who, through a scientific experiment, find themselves transported to another dimension called the “N-Zone” or “Negative Zone.”  When they return to Earth, they discover their exposure to the N-Zone resulted in new, extraordinary abilities.

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