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The Revenant (December 25 NY/ LA)

5. The Revenant (December 25 NY/ LA)

Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu

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The reigning best director at the Academy Awards, González Iñárritu will undoubtedly return to awards contention for his newest film, The Revenant. Like In the Heart of the Sea, The Revenant tells a true story in the 1820s. 5-time Oscar-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York) stars as frontiersman Hugh Glass, survivor of a vicious bear attack on a quest for revenge against those who left him at the bear’s mercy. Despite a troubled production, the finished motion picture promises to be one of the greatest revenge stories ever put to film. Co-starring: Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson; written by González Iñárritu and Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole).

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