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November 14

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After staying as quotable as the day it came out for twenty years, the Farrelly brothers’ Dumb and Dumber has a second chapter on the way.  In 1994, Jim Carrey’s (Mr. Popper’s Penguins, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) name didn’t carry the star power it does presently and Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom,” Looper) had a resume made up entirely of dramatic roles.  Dumb and Dumber made Jim Carrey a star and showed the world how versatile Jeff Daniels could be as an actor.  This November the same team behind the first movie wants to catch us up two decades after Harry and Lloyd passed on the bus full of models.  Judging by the first trailer, our two leads haven’t missed a beat all the way down to Carrey revealing his chipped tooth again for the trademark role.  In a season full of films each struggling in their own unique capacity to win an Oscar, a visit from a funny, familiar pair is just the change in pace needed at the cinema.

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