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Immersion ranks the ten MCU movies

Immersion ranks the ten MCU movies

From Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy

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The tremendous success of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy has fans and filmgoers wondering just how the entertainment company will top itself in its eleventh installment, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the super group formed in 2012’s The Avengers team up yet again to face a new threat to the globe.  Marvel’s approach of releasing two films each year with one familiar property and one unfamiliar property appears to be a brilliant plan of revisiting beloved characters while injecting new life, as well, into the mix so that the beloved properties don’t become stale. The format keeps audiences invested when they aren’t fed the same three acts with a different Avenger every time they go to the movies.  Guardians of the Galaxy already set August ticket pre-sales and critics have warmly received it.  Joss Whedon’s Age of Ultron footage at Comic Con has hardcore fans in an excited frenzy.  To top off the Marvel hype, their Phase Three lineup for the Marvel Cinematic Universe allegedly leaked on 9Gag this week with this image: 

Phase 3

Marvel Studios has yet to deny or confirm this rumored lineup, but a few titles check out for sure, and all dates check out.  It’s the subtitles of the third Captain America and Thor installments, inclusion of Black Panther and the Inhumans, and the second stand-alone Hulk movie that have yet to be confirmed.  The subtitle for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel has yet to be confirmed, as well.  Regardless, Marvel Studios proved that they could accomplish exactly what they set out to do over and over again: gambling on Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark, producing stand-alone Avenger films leading up to a team-up adventure, recast an even better Bruce Banner, expand to television, scramble to replace Edgar Wright, and wager that James Gunn will take an obscure comic book property and turn it into an instant classic.  To celebrate the release of Guardians of the Galaxy (and keeping in “Top Ten” tradition), Immersion examines and ranks the films in the MCU from weak to strong.  Each film has its flaws, but not a film on the list is “bad.”  Unfortunately, it’s obvious when Marvel Studios puts forth more effort into one film over others.  This countdown attempts to recognize a relationship between the amount of audience and critic enjoyment compared to the amount of effort put forth by Disney Marvel Studios.  Box office figures taken from

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