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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Review and Recap

The Climb


Beware, for the article is dark and full of spoilers…

This week on HBO’s flagship, we began with Sam, Gilly and her son/ brother on the run in a snowy forest. Sam describes Castle Black to Gilly, who finds herself in complete awe of the place and of the wall. The scene ends when Gilly correctly guesses Sam’s wealthy heritage before he sings a lullaby about the new gods to the baby. In another forest, Bran referees a rabbit-skinning match between Osha and Meera when Jojen suffers a “seizuresque” dream as a direct result of his abilities. Bran, knowing he possesses the same abilities, looks on — horrified. Jojen awakens with to say that Jon Snow is on the wrong side of the wall and surrounded by enemies. This, of course, transitions to Ned Stark’s bastard himself with his newly beloved as they prepare themselves to climb the wall.  Ygritte reveals her knowledge of the history of Jon Snow’s loyalty, letting him know that the only loyalty that matters is between the two of them.

Director Alik Sakharov then jumps to Jon’s half-sister, Arya, in the middle of bow practice. Melisandre and her cronies roll up and discuss the Lord of Light with Thoros of Myr. Melisandre is then introduced to Beric and the miracle of his resurrections. Melisandre and Thoros’ discussion about following the same religion in different ways as Thoros suggests they each follow the Lord of Light in their own fashion — which I find to be social commentary about different denominations of world religion’s today.  We then cut to Gendry and Arya outside the cave. Gendry is sold to Melisandre so that the Brotherhood can afford to continue their crusade. Melisandre predicts a future meeting between herself and the youngest Stark female.

Later on, Theon finds himself still a victim of torture in a dungeon. In the midst of a deranged, guessing, masochistic torture game, Theon suggests his torturer is of House Karstark. Although more torturing ensues, we can’t take the torturer’s word for truth whatsoever as he declares himself to be a liar — a label not self-imposed by most men. After this, we are privy to a meeting between Robb Stark and two sons from House Frey where an alliance is met for Harrenhal after the expected-victory of the war and for Sir Edmure to marry one of the daughters of House Frey.

Jaime Lannister and Brienne come into view as they dine and negotiate with Roose Bolton. Jaime learns he will be traded, but Brienne learns she will be returned to Robb Stark as a traitor. Roose informs Jaime that he’s in no position to overplay (beat for mean joke) position.  We then cut to Jaime’s father and Lady Olenna exchange jabs about homosexual grandchildren and incestuous children which results in the betrothal of Loras Tyrell to King Joffrey’s mother due to Tywin’s threat to place Loras in the King’s Guard.  This would have been my favorite scene this week due to the chemistry and humor exchanged between the two characters had we not had such an epic conclusion to the episode.

After Lady Olenna breaks Tywin’s pen to prevent the enlistment of her grandson, Jon, Ygritte and the other wildlings hit a crack in the wall, causing Orell the warg to cut Ygritte and Jon loose from the rope. However, Jon catches the ice quickly, saving Ygritte and continuing his climb up the wall.

Jon’s other half-sister, Sansa, is then shown with Loras in the garden. Although Loras almost reveals his position due to his brooch and wedding obsessions. He tells Sansa that he’d like green and gold colors for their wedding. (Hmmm…) The two “unknowingly-unbetrothed” then share a moment as each confesses their desire to leave King’s Landing. As both Lannister siblings who contain all their hands watch this exchange from afar, they begin quibbling over whose fault it was as to their current predicament. Tyrion suggests Sansa will get the worst of the deal, despite Loras knowing similar pain. Cersei also reveals that Joffrey ordered the hit on Tyrion and that although his life is still in danger, he should be okay as long as Tywin is present in King’s Landing. Tyrion remarks that Jaime will probably murder Loras anyway when he returns.

Shae assists Sansa in her dress for the royal wedding. Sansa is elated as her dress is Loras’ favorite colors (ugh, if only she wasn’t so blatantly unaware).  Tyrion appears to break the news to his betrothed and his love.

Littlefinger finally makes his proper entrance to season three. He’s spent the first half of the season out of the spotlight and removed from his position as Master of Coin. He and Varys meet in the throne room to exchange quips, shots and admissions.  Varys suggests, “Who doesn’t love seeing their friends fail now and then?” As Littlefinger agrees, he brings up the turning over of Sansa to a “friend.” He and Varys and come to the agreement that they’ve lied to each other for years. Varys suggests that after the lies there is only a pit filled with chaos to which Lord Baelish suggests that chaos is a ladder and life is about “the climb.” Baelish’s speech to Varys is then a narration to Jon Snow and Ygritte climbing to the top of the Wall at sunrise.  This speech is certainly reminiscent of the ending of The Dark Knight when Commissioner Gordon tells his son about Batman’s importance to Gotham City and his role as the titular hero. Baelish continues speech as we see King Joffrey sit with a crossbow in his chambers. Petyr says he handed his bad investment over the king as a murdered Ros appears with an arrow in each position of the body that Arya targeted earlier in the episode. Baelish continues his speech and the camera jumps to Shae and Sansa tearfully watching the departure of Petyr Baelish’s ship as the reality of her marriage to Tyrion hits hard. The episode ends with Jon and Ygritte atop the wall, reveling in the sunrise and looking down some poorly-CGI’d mountains they just climbed and they kiss.

This episode showed more tension between principle characters than any other episode this season. Westeros is proving to be more than just a powder keg, but a ticking time bomb.

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