The Legend of Hercules vs. Hercules (2014)

13. The Legend of Hercules vs. Hercules (2014)

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The Legend of Hercules: $44.4 million worldwide on $70 million budget

Hercules: TBD

This one is too early to call. The Legend of Hercules debuted dismally in January, but Hercules has yet to release until this summer.  The Legend of Hercules received criticism for staying too close to formula and only showing famous, cliché scenes from the legend. There’s no plot- just one famous Hercules instance followed by another.  Director Renny Harlin has experienced a drought of success as of recent, and perhaps the fact that Hercules director Brett Ratner is more household-friendly may cost Harlin a few more bucks at the box office. The key here, however, is the star: Dwayne Johnson vs. Kellan Lutz.  Dwayne Johnson is the bona fide franchise-savior for hire (Journey 2, G.I. Joe, Fast and the Furious) and Kellan Lutz’s biggest credits are still as a bit part in the Twilight franchise

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