Oblivion vs. After Earth (2013)

10. Oblivion vs. After Earth (2013)

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Oblivion:  $286 million worldwide on $120 million budget

After Earth: $243.8 million worldwide on $130 million budget

Oblivion came out a month before After Earth. However, the difference here does not seem to be the release date. Like Olympus Has Fallen, audiences decided to attend the earlier, higher quality of the two. It satisfies two top needs of audiences: 1) availability/ ease, 2) more interesting/ better supporting players. Oblivion followed Tom Cruise solving a mystery and having an adventure under the direction of Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) with an IMAX release.  After Earth had M. Night Shyamalan’s name taped all over it and put its biggest star (Will Smith) in the passenger seat in favor of his less-proven son, Jaden. The film lacked a Shyamalan twist let alone a memorable end altogether and tanked domestically at $60.5 million. What movie would you rather see?

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