Nebraska vs. Philomena (2013)

8. Nebraska vs. Philomena (2013)

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Nebraska: $17.6 million domestic on $12 million budget

Philomena: $99.89 million worldwide on $12 million budget

Nebraska and Philomena aren’t too similar, but they have comparisons that can’t be ignored. Both films involve an elderly person embarking on a road trip across America with someone younger and more able. Nebraska involves an old man on his quest to claim a b.s. prize and his guilty son who doesn’t want him to go alone. Philomena involves an old Irish woman’s trip across America to find her long, lost son at the insistence of a journalist. Both films have a younger protagonist learning something about themselves by travelling with a member of the senior class. While Nebraska favors an art house style as it was shot in black-and-white and Philomena takes a more linear and direct approach, both films received praise around award season and each achieved a Best Picture Nomination at the Oscars. 

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