Hitchcock vs. The Girl (2012)

7. Hitchcock vs. The Girl (2012)

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Hitchcock: $23.5 million worldwide, budget not available

The Girl: Televised 

Here’s a tangent case on the list that pits cinema against television.  Hitchcock received pleasant reviews and a Golden Globe nomination for Helen Mirren. The Girl aired on HBO a little earlier to poor critical reception.  It seems the critics didn’t care for The Girl’s take on director Alfred Hitchcock as a sexual deviant. Hitchcock had a lighter, more comedic tone and put the relationship focus on Hitch and his wife in contrast to The Girl’s central relationship between the director and actress Tippi Hedren.  Perhaps the poor reception limited The Girl to the small screen in favor of Hitchcock, which portrayed the legendary filmmaker as a peculiar, aging man with a chip on his shoulder. 2012 had two Hitchcock films in simultaneous development with a fall release date. Did one blink and duck for television in the face of adversity?

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