Capote (2005) vs. Infamous (2006)

3. Capote (2005) vs. Infamous (2006)

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Capote: $49.2 million worldwide on $7 million budget

Infamous: $2.6 million worldwide, budget not available

Perhaps a film about Truman Capote researching material for In Cold Blood during awards season two years in a row was simply too much.  The late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman took home Oscar gold for his performance as the famous writer in Capote, however Toby Jones was looked over completely during awards season the following year for his work as the same scribbler in Infamous. In fact, Infamous featured more big names in its cast than Capote, yet still it seemed as if the spirit had flown.  The box office clearly indicates an instance of too much of a good thing, with Capote raking in $45 million more on a tight micro-budget.

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