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Finding Dory (6/17)

6. Finding Dory (6/17)

Dir. Andrew Stanton & Angus MacLane

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Pixar dips into the sequel well as much as other major studios, and June of 2016 expects the follow-up to 2003’s critical and audience success, Finding Nemo, to experience a similar box office run.  After finding Nemo over a decade ago, secondary character Dory (voice of talk show mogul Ellen DeGeneres) gets her an adventure all her own in Finding Dory. Marlin and Nemo the clownfish (and Willem Dafoe’s Gill) also return to assist their forgetful fish friend as the voice cast expands to include other well-established actors and actresses like Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell, Ed O’Neill, Kaitlyn Olson, Dominic West, and Eugene Levy. 

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