Deadpool (2/12)

10. Deadpool (2/12)

Dir. Tim Miller

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When test footage for a scrapped Deadpool movie surfaced online last year, interest in the on-again, off-again project spiked and demand for the mutant mercenary to star in his own film gathered steam. Ryan Reynolds (Face/less) had his name long-attached to the titular and stayed with it until the movie saw the green light. While not going on an adventure with the greater X-Men cast, expect a few established mutants to pop into the journey as well as new mutants never before featured on film. Deadpool is well-known for never taking any situation seriously, constantly cracking wise, and often breaking the fourth wall. Appearing once in the 2009 origin film for Wolverine in the form of Reynolds, Deadpool also looks to examine the comic book antihero’s origin tale.

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