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Captain America: Civil War (5/6)

5. Captain America: Civil War (5/6)

Dir. The Russo Brothers

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The biggest event film blockbuster of the summer may have been the most anticipated film of the year, but the Marvel brand name appears to waver ever-so-slightly after Disney openly considered Avengers: Age of Ultron’s box office performance—billion-dollar-plus, mind you—a failure.  Marvel Studios have indicated Captain America: Civil War as another adventure involving many Avengers. If last year’s Avengers movie is a “failure,” what makes Disney think a second adventure in as many years won’t fail? Perhaps they trust the established written material, based on one of the most popular graphic novel stories ever published. In it, Captain America (Chris Evans) and a few rogue Avengers defy Tony Stark/ Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), S.H.I.E.L.D., and the United States government when super-powered citizens are required to register themselves. Will Iron Man’s Pro-Registration Avengers prevail, or will Captain America’s band of rebels see justice?

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