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Ain't It the Truth? Vol. 2

Sequester: Where's the Money?


It’s a sad fact of life when people can’t realize what's going on around them until it’s too late. People lose out on golden opportunities all the time: the person of their dreams, their favorite band in town or maybe just to simply capitalize on a chance they will never have again.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty, intuition is infallible but the forest is still not visible from the trees.  The point I’m driving at is that it’s easy for humans to make mistakes.

The financial future of America hangs in the balance as congress attempts to solve a colossal mistake:  the infamous sequester. The problem begins where the vast majority of life’s problems do:  money.  It truly goes beyond that though, this possible devastation looming on the economic horizon was caused by negligence, a lack of preparation, a political schism and the sheer incompetence that plagues our political system.  Congress is to blame for all of this nonsense, but I’m sure they are unbothered by it (How could they with those big-money salaries?).

In 2011, with the debt limit on the rise and republicans demanding budget cuts, President Barack Obama signed the Budget Control Act. The signing of this act would be more problematic than any of us could have ever imagined. Then, at 11:59 pm on March 1, we all had a new reason to believe.  We had a reason to believe that big brother does what he wants, when he wants!

When the Budget Control Act was signed, it allowed for cutting of funds, yet no one took initiative to decide where these cuts come from or how they would be divided. Democrats and republicans were unable to come to an agreement (shocker of the century right there) on where to make the cuts.  The duty was to be taken on by the Congress Joint Select Committee, who also couldn't reach a decision.  This indecision has lead to cuts coming from the most vital of places (I don’t care if I come off like a cynic, we pay congress to make decisions.  The fact that they can’t when so much is riding on a solution is absolutely ridiculous).

As far as the financial cuts go, they reach virtually every facet of importance:  education, law enforcement, disaster relief, unemployment benefits, non-profit organization funds, military operations, national security and scientific research.  Each and every single one of the programs being cut is of the utmost significance to this country and its long-term well-being.  It’s a scary thought because our government may potentially be sucking the life out of the American infrastructure by cutting programs that play an integral part in keeping the wheels of capitalism and democracy spinning (not to mention protect us from the danger constantly surrounding the free world).

Well then, where is the money going? Your best bet is to not worry about it unless it directly affects you right now (problem is that it will affect a copious amount of people in the not-so-distant future).  At least we can trust it is absolutely necessary for the staggering economy at this point (as strange as that sounds). This once impending catastrophe is now avoidable, and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel (dim as it is) if congress can stick to its plan (like taxing corporations).  America may see some hard times ahead, but the economic bleeding must be stopped before it is too late.  The stakes couldn’t get any higher and it’s time for congress to stop gambling with America’s future.  So ask yourself, do you want America to get out of this recession, or would you rather curse our potential way out?

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